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awake Definitions and meaning in English

  1. not in a state of sleep
  2. completely conscious
  3. not unconscious
  4. especially having become conscious
  5. (usually followed by `to') showing acute awareness
  6. mentallyperceptive
  7. conscious; alert
  1. stop sleeping
  2. become or make aware
  3. become alert or cause to rise from sleep

awake Sentences in English

  1. जगा हुआ  =  asleep, state
    Are the children still awake

  2. जागरूक  =  conscious
    Too few are awake to the danger facing the country.

  3. जगाना  =  awaken
    His voice awoke the sleeping child.

  4. जागरूक करना  =  make active
    The letter awoke old fears.

  5. जागना  =  wake
    She awoke when the nurse entered the room.

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