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  1. come into existence
  2. take on form or shape
  3. originate or come into being
  4. rise to one's feet
  5. occur
  6. move upward
  7. take part in a rebellion
  8. renounce a former allegiance
  9. get up and out of bed
  10. come into being; proceed
  11. get
  12. stand
  13. or go up

arise Sentences in English

  1. उदय होना  =  sun
    Sun arises.

  2. सामने आना  =  come
    A crisis has arisen in the foreign office.

  3. निकलना  =  emerge
    Let's begin by discussing matters arising from the last meetings.

  4. उत्पन्न होना  =  event
    If the need arise for extra staff, we will contact you.

  5. उठना  =  get up
    I arise at 5 a.m.

  6. दृष्टिगोचर होना  =  look
    As we sped dwon the highway, the lights of the city arose before us.

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