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alive Definitions and meaning in English

  1. possessing life
  2. (often followed by `with') full of life and spirit
  3. having life or vigor or spirit
  4. (followed by `to' or `of') aware of
  5. in operation
  6. (usually followed by `to') showing acute awareness
  7. mentally perceptive
  8. capable of erupting
  9. being animately existent
  10. being active
  11. full of life

alive Sentences in English

  1. जीवित  =  dead, state
    She was still alive when i reache d the hospital.

  2. सक्रीय  =  active
    He's looking more alive today.

  3. सतर्क  =  alert
    He is fully alive to the possible dangers.

  4. भरा हुआ  =  full
    The lake is alive with fish.

  5. अस्तितवान्  =  in existence
    Class prejudice in britain is still alive.

  6. प्रफुल्ल  =  lively
    He's looking more alive today.

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