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  1. straighten up or out
  2. make straight
  3. get up from a sitting or slouching position
  4. put (things or places) in order
  5. straighten by unrolling
  6. make straight or straighter
  7. put in neat or aligned order

straighten Sentences in English

  1. खोल कर सीधा करना
    Straighten out the big map.

  2. ठीक करना
    Straighten your room!

  3. सीधा करना  =  of body
    He stood up and straightened his shoulders. / i straightened myself up to answer the question.

  4. सीधा करना
    I straightened my tie and walked in

  5. सीधा हो जाना
    The road bends here then straightens out.

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