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  1. form the substance of
  2. write music
  3. produce a literary work
  4. put together out of existing material
  5. calm (someone, especially oneself)
  6. make quiet
  7. draw up the plans or basic details for
  8. be part of construction
  9. create writing
  10. artwork
  11. or music
  12. calm
  13. bring under control

compose Sentences in English

  1. शान्त करना  =  calm
    Is mind was in such a whirl that he could hardly compose his thoughts.

  2. बनाना  =  constiture
    He short scenes that compose the play.

  3. संगीत की रचना करना  =  create
    He began to compose at an early age.

  4. लिखना  =  write
    Am composing a formal reply to the letter.

  5. बनाअना
    Beethoven composed nine symphonies.

  6. रचना
    She composed a poem.

  7. लिखना
    She composed a poem.

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