simple meaning in kannada

Pronunciation of simple

simple Definitions and meaning in English

  1. having few parts
  2. not complex or complicated or involved
  3. easy and not involved or complicated
  4. apart from anything else
  5. without additions or modifications
  6. exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity
  7. lacking mental capacity and devoid of subtlety
  8. (botany) of leaf shapes
  9. of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
  10. not elaborate in style
  11. unornamented
  12. clear
  13. understandable; easy
  14. uncluttered
  15. natural
  16. childlike
  17. innocent
  18. feeble
  1. any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties
  2. a person lacking intelligence or common sense

simple Sentences in English

  1. सामान्य  =  compound, state
    Simple past tense

  2. आसान  =  activity
    A simple game

  3. सादा  =  appearance
    His face is very simple

  4. सामान्य  =  element
    A simple substance

  5. सरल  =  event
    The reason is quite simple i just like the horse

  6. सीधा-साद्  =  human
    A simple boy

  7. साधा  =  life
    A simple life

  8. आसान  =  question
    A simple question

  9. साधारण  =  status
    I'm just a simple soldier

  10. ईमानदार  =  honest
    A simple man

  11. आसान  =  state
    A simple idea

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