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sheer Definitions and meaning in English

  1. complete and without restriction or qualification
  2. sometimes used informally as intensifiers
  3. not mixed with extraneous elements
  4. very steep
  5. having a prominent and almost vertical front
  6. so thin as to transmit light
  7. utter
  8. absolute
  9. see
  10. thin
  1. straight up or down without a break
  2. directly
  1. turn sharply
  2. change direction abruptly
  3. cause to sheer

sheer Sentences in English

  1. खड़ा
    A sheer mountain side.

  2. निरा
    The suggestion is sheer nonsense.

  3. विशुद्ध
    It was because of sheer willpower/determination that he succeeded.

  4. पारदर्शी
    She was wearing a dress of the sheerest silk.

  5. झटके से मुड़ना
    It looked as if the boats were going to collide, but one sheered off/away at the last second.

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