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  1. a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services
  2. small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done
  3. a course of instruction in a trade (as carpentry orelectricity)
  4. place of retail business
  1. do one's shopping
  2. do one's shopping at
  3. do business with
  4. be a customer or client of
  5. shop around
  6. not necessarily buying
  7. give away information about somebody
  8. look for merchandise to buy

shop Sentences in English

  1. दूकान  =  building
    A chemist shop

  2. कारोबार  =  business
    He set a shop as a lawyer in the town

  3. बढ़ी दूकान  =  department
    The ski shop at smith's

  4. कारख़ाना  =  factory
    General motors is a well-run shop

  5. पेशा  =  occupation
    Stop thinking of shop all the time

  6. कारख़ाना  =  place
    A machine shop

  7. भंडार  =  store
    He bought it at a shop on cape cod

  8. कारखा़ना  =  workshop
    A carpenter's shop

  9. पकड़ाना  =  human human
    The murder was shopped by his friend

  10. खरीदना  =  human, place
    I went shopping today in the town

  11. खरीददारी करना  =  human
    He did all the shopping today

  12. खरीदनाअना  =  shopping, thing
    I was shopping for a new dress,i couldn't find it

  13. पकड़ाना  =  event human
    The murder was shopped by his friend

  14. खरीददारी करना  =  goods
    I did shopping of my things

  15. पकड़ना  =  human
    The murder was shopped by the police

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