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  1. an advantageous purchase
  2. something purchased
  1. obtain by purchase
  2. acquire by means of a financial transaction
  3. make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence
  4. acquire by trade or sacrifice or exchange
  5. accept as true
  6. be worth or be capable of buying
  7. purchase
  8. bribe

buy Sentences in English

  1. खरीदारी  =  bargain
    I don't like a buy like you.

  2. खरीदना  =  human human thing
    He has bought a car for his daughter.

  3. स्वीकार करना  =  human accept
    The police will never buy that one will buy that excuse.

  4. घूस देकर खरीदना  =  human bribe human
    He cann't buy me.

  5. खरीदना  =  human purchase thing
    He bought somethings.

  6. खरीदना  =  human purchase
    He bought a blue shirt for birthday.

  7. खरीद लेना  =  organization bribe human
    These days technicians are bought by big company.

  8. प्राप्त करना  =  obtain
    Money cann't buy happiness.

  9. खरीद लेना  =  obtain
    We bought that house for rs.75000/-

  10. खरीदना  =  human, event
    He bought a shirt to me.

  11. घूस देकर खरीदना  =  event human
    They cannot buy him.

  12. खरीदना  =  purchase
    He bought some fruits.

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