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  1. devoid or partially devoid of light or brightness
  2. shadowed or black or somber-colored
  3. (used of color) having a dark hue
  4. brunet (used of hair or skin or eyes)
  5. stemming from evil characteristics or forces
  6. wicked or dishonorable
  7. causing dejection
  8. secret
  9. showing a brooding ill humor
  10. lacking enlightenment or knowledge or culture
  11. marked by difficulty of style or expression
  12. having skin rich in melanin pigments
  13. not giving performances
  14. closed
  15. lack of light
  1. absence of light or illumination
  2. absence of moral or spiritual values
  3. an unilluminated area
  4. the time after sunset and before sunrise while it is dark outside
  5. an unenlightened state
  6. place
  7. time without light
  8. ignorance; mystery

dark Sentences in English

  1. गहरा  =  colour
    A dark green/red.

  2. साँवला  =  human, state
    A tall,dark,handsome stranger.

  3. अँधेरा  =  place
    Dark room/dark field

  4. रात का  =  time
    He came in the dark time.

  5. पश्च  =  vowel
    Dark vowel

  6. निराशाजनक  =  dismal
    It was a dark news.

  7. बुरा  =  evil
    A dark influence.

  8. साँवला  =  swarthy
    A tall,dark,handsome stranger.

  9. अस्पष्ट  =  vague
    A dark sound.

  10. काला  =  black
    Put a dark line on the paper.

  11. रहस्यमयआ  =  mysterious
    A dark secret/mystery

  12. गूढ  =  mysterious
    A dark secret/mystery

  13. बहुत बुरा  =  sad
    Dark predictions about the future.

  14. दुःखद  =  sad
    Dark predictions about the future.

  15. गुप्त  =  secret
    I'm thinking of leaving the company, but keep it dark.

  16. बुरा  =  sense attribute
    There is a dark side to his character/she gave me a dark look

  17. गहरा  =  state
    Dark colour

  18. अंधेरा  =  darkness
    All the lights went out and we left in the dark.

  19. काला रंगा  =  color
    Pleas give me a dark to draw a outline.

  20. गुप्त जगह  =  place
    They have kept in the dark.

  21. अंधेरा  =  place
    Suddenly all the lights went out and we left in the dark.

  22. अँधेरा
    All the lights went out and we left in the dark.

  23. अनैतिकता
    The powers of dark

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