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  1. an irrecoverable state of devastation and destruction
  2. a ruined building
  3. the process of becoming dilapidated
  4. an event that results in destruction
  5. failure that results in a loss of position or reputation
  6. destruction achieved by wrecking something
  7. situation of devastation
  1. destroy completely
  2. damage irreparably
  3. destroy or cause to fail
  4. reduce to bankruptcy
  5. reduce to ruins
  6. deprive of virginity
  7. fall into ruin
  8. devastate
  9. destroy

ruin Sentences in English

  1. विनाश का कारण  =  cause
    Alchohal was his ruin

  2. उजाड़  =  fall
    The cattle has fallen into ruin

  3. ध्वंसावशेष  =  ruins
    We visited the ruins of ancient greece.

  4. बिगाड़ना  =  human human
    You are ruining that child

  5. बर्बाद करना  =  human thing
    He ruins his prospects by carelessness.

  6. नष्ट करना  =  thing
    The storm ruined the crop

  7. बर्बादी करना  =  location
    Antisocials ruin her in a lovely corner of college premises.

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