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  1. confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy
  2. concerning things deeply private and personal
  3. concerning one person exclusively
  4. not expressed
  5. hidden
  6. isolated
  1. an enlisted man of the lowest rank
  2. lowest rank of person enlisted in armed service

private Sentences in English

  1. अशासकीय  =  formal
    A queen is making a private visit to canada

  2. निजी  =  belonging
    Father's own private chair,which no one else is allowed to use

  3. निजी  =  home
    'is this a hotel' no,it is a private house

  4. आत्मीय  =  human
    He is a rather private person

  5. गैरसरकारी  =  person
    A private citizen

  6. एकान्त  =  place retired
    Lets find a rather private spot where we can discuss the matter

  7. गुप्त  =  confidential
    I am not going to tell you about it, it's private

  8. व्यक्तिगत  =  personal
    The public is fascinated by the private lives of public figures

  9. गुप्त  =  secret
    I'd like a private chat with you

  10. सामान्य सैनिक  =  status
    He enlisted as a private

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