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  1. carry out or perform an action
  2. perform a function
  3. give a performance (of something)
  4. get (something) done
  5. carry out
  6. accomplish
  7. act
  8. depict as entertainment

perform Sentences in English

  1. खेल  =  performance
    His perform was excellent

  2. प्रदर्शित करना  =  human, event
    Our team performed very well in yesterdays match

  3. दिखाना  =  human, event
    Our team performed very well in yesterdays match

  4. करना  =  action
    The surgeon has performed the operation

  5. संभालना  =  function human
    Who will perform the wedding

  6. काम करना  =  function machine
    How is the new machine performing

  7. दिखाना  =  execute
    To perform a miracles

  8. पूरा करना  =  fulfill
    Perform what you promise

  9. खेलना  =  music
    To perform a juggling act

  10. क्रियान्वित करना  =  perform
    To perform a marriage ceremony

  11. किर्यान्वित करना  =  ceremony
    To perform a ceremony

  12. पूरा करना  =  duty
    To perform one's duty

  13. बजाना  =  musical instrument
    To perform on the flute

  14. पूरा करना  =  order
    To perform the order of the commander

  15. प्रदर्शित करना  =  play
    To perform the play excellently

  16. निबाहना  =  promise
    To perform the promise when given to somebody

  17. अभिनय करना  =  role
    To perform in the role of romeo

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