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  1. the state prevailing during the absence of war
  2. harmonious relations
  3. freedom from disputes
  4. the absence of mental stress or anxiety
  5. the general security of public places
  6. a treaty to cease hostilities
  7. harmony
  8. agreement
  9. calm
  10. serenity

peace Sentences in English

  1. शांत  =  peaceful
    A peace demonstration

  2. सुख-शांति  =  agreement
    The peace of ryswick

  3. चैन  =  calmness
    Please let me get on with my work in peace

  4. सुलह  =  freedom
    A peace treaty

  5. एकता  =  harmony
    There's never any peace between her brother

  6. अमन  =  mild
    The job of the police is to keep peace

  7. शांति  =  mind
    I would work better if i had a bit peace

  8. युद्ध-विराम  =  peace-unrestful
    After years of fighting the people long for peace

  9. शांति  =  serenity
    May he rest in peace

  10. निस्तब्धता  =  silence
    The cawing of the crow broke the afternoon's peace

  11. शांति  =  situation
    He was arrested for being drunk and breaking the peace

  12. शांति  =  state
    Try to live in peace with your neighbour

  13. समझौता  =  treaty
    Peace came on november 11th.

  14. करार
    She found peace when she eventually heard from her long-lost husband.

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