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  1. any admirable quality or attribute
  2. the quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance)
  3. "there were many children whose deservingness herecognized and rewarded"
  4. advantage
  1. be worthy or deserving
  2. be entitled to

merit Sentences in English

  1. योग्यता  =  worthiness
    His candidate will be selected solely on merit. / there were many children whose merits he recognized and rewarded.

  2. विशेषता  =  worth
    Brierley's book has the merit of being both informative and readable. / they weighed up the relative merits of the four candidates.

  3. गुणागुण
    Judging people according to their merits

  4. सराहना
    He claims that their success was not merited.

  5. के योग्य होना
    His success merits a mention in the newspaper.

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