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  1. having sufficient worth
  2. having a specified value
  3. "not worth his salt"
  1. an indefinite quantity of something having a specified value
  2. the quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful
  3. French couturier (born in England) regarded as the founder of Parisian haute couture
  4. noted for introducing the bustle (1825-1895)
  5. value
  6. estimation associated with something

worth Sentences in English

  1. मूल्य का  =  thing
    Our house is worth about rs.90000.

  2. का मालिक  =  having possessions
    He's worth about $10 million.

  3. योग्य
    An idea worth considering / a cause worth supporting

  4. लायक
    An idea worth considering / a cause worth supporting

  5. के बराबर मोल का
    Not worth his salt / worth her weight in gold

  6. महत्व  =  excellence
    A man of great worth.

  7. क़ीमत  =  value
    The thieves stole rs4000 worth of jewellery.

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