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  1. in several ways
  2. in a multiple manner
  1. combine by multiplication
  2. combine or increase by multiplication
  3. have young (animals)
  4. have offspring or young
  5. increase; reproduce

multiply Sentences in English

  1. गुणा करना  =  human, calculate
    Teacher told to mutiply the sums

  2. जनन करना  =  human human
    They were multiply checked for errors

  3. बढ्ना  =  human inanimate
    He managed to multiply his profits

  4. गुणा करना  =  human number
    Childrens are learning to mutiply the numbers

  5. बढ्ना  =  increase
    His problems were mutiply

  6. गुणा करना  =  science
    It is possible to mutiply these bacteria in the laborarty

  7. द्विगुणित करना  =  total
    Mutiply the sum

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