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  1. great brightness
  2. an angry stare
  3. a focus of public attention
  4. very bright light
  5. shine
  6. dirty look
  1. look at with a fixed gaze
  2. be sharply reflected
  3. shine intensely
  4. give a dirty look
  5. shine very brightly

glare Sentences in English

  1. चमक  =  glitter
    The glare of the sun.

  2. रोशनी  =  light
    Caught in the glare of the car's headlights.

  3. नजर  =  look
    Give somebody a hostile glare.

  4. चमक  =  shine
    The glare of the sun.

  5. चमकना  =  shine
    The sun was glaring mercilessly from a clear sky.

  6. तरेरना  =  stare
    He didn't shout or swear, but just glared at me silently.

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