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  1. (usually preceded by `no') lower in esteem
  2. inferior in rank or status
  3. the bottom one of two
  4. of the underworld
  5. under
  6. inferior
  1. the lower of two berths
  1. move something or somebody to a lower position
  2. set lower
  3. cause to drop or sink
  4. make lower or quieter
  5. look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval
  6. let down; fall
  7. reduce
  8. minimize
  9. belittle
  10. disgrace

lower Sentences in English

  1. निम्न  =  class
    A member of lower class

  2. कम करना  =  diet energy
    A poor diet lower one's resistance to illness

  3. कम करना  =  diet power
    His diet lowered his power

  4. जलातरण करना  =  human boat
    The boatman lowered the boat in the sea

  5. कम करना  =  human pressure
    He lowered the pressure of the machine

  6. गिर्ना  =  human tempreture
    She lowered the tempreture of the a.c.

  7. उतारना  =  human thing
    The minister lowered the flag

  8. कम करना  =  human voice
    Please your lowered the voice

  9. कम करना  =  human volume
    John had lowered the volume of the radio

  10. जुक्ना  =  human
    I would not lower myself

  11. गिर्ना  =  organization thing
    The stock exchange lowered the prices of each shares

  12. कम होना  =  reduce price
    The stock lowered in price

  13. अओछा बन्ना  =  reduce standard
    Don't lower your standard by asking him for the help

  14. कम होना  =  reduce value
    The stock lowered in value

  15. कम होना  =  decrease
    Tide lowers in evening

  16. गिरना  =  character
    He was lowered by his character

  17. नीचा करना  =  dignity
    I would not lower myself to do such thing

  18. कम होना  =  energy
    An imbalanced diet lowers our energy to work

  19. गिरना  =  position
    He was lowered from position

  20. कम  =  power
    Poor diet lower the power to work

  21. कम करना  =  pressure
    He lowered the pressure of the mchine

  22. कम करना  =  price
    To lower the prices from 15$ to 10$

  23. उतारना  =  thing
    To lower the coffin into the grave

  24. कम करना  =  voice
    To lower the voice into whisper

  25. कम करना  =  water
    To lower the water in the canal

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