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  1. provide entertainment for
  2. take into consideration, have in view
  3. maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings)
  4. amuse
  5. accommodate visitors
  6. think about seriously

entertain Sentences in English

  1. मनोरंजन करना  =  human amuse human
    He entertained us by the streams of jokes

  2. विचार करना  =  human consider idea
    He entertained the ideas of moving to south

  3. सुविचार करना  =  human consider proposal
    He entertained the proposal of marriage

  4. बसाना  =  human harbor feeling
    She secretly entertained the thoughts of revenge

  5. मानना  =  human harbor opinion
    He entertained the opinion of the ministers

  6. खातिर करना  =  human treat
    He entertained his friends when he passsed

  7. सुनना  =  event human
    We entertained his ideas

  8. मनोरंजन करना
    Her loneliness made her friends eager to entertain her.

  9. ग्रहण करना  =  law
    The court refused to entertain any plea against the brothers.

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