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  1. the act of grasping
  2. understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something
  3. power by which something or someone is affected or dominated
  4. time during which some action is awaited
  5. a state of being confined (usually for a short time)
  6. a stronghold
  7. a cell in a jail or prison
  8. the appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it
  9. the space in a ship or aircraft for storing cargo
  10. grasp
  11. possession
  1. organize or be responsible for
  2. keep in a certain state, position, or activity
  3. have or hold in one's hands or grip
  4. to close within bounds, limit or hold back from movement
  5. have rightfully
  6. keep in mind or convey as a conviction or view
  7. contain or hold
  8. have within
  9. lessen the intensity of
  10. temper
  11. hold in restraint
  12. hold or keep within limits
  13. remain in a certain state, position, or condition
  14. maintain (a theory, thoughts, or feelings)
  15. assert or affirm
  16. remain committed to
  17. secure and keep for possible future use or application
  18. be the physical support of
  19. carry the weight of
  20. hold the attention of
  21. keep from exhaling or expelling
  22. support or hold in a certain manner
  23. have room for
  24. hold without crowding
  25. be capable of holding or containing
  26. be valid, applicable, or true
  27. take and maintain control over, often by violent means
  28. protect against a challenge or attack
  29. declare to be
  30. have as a major characteristic
  31. cause to stop
  32. bind by an obligation
  33. cause to be indebted
  34. cover as for protection against noise or smell
  35. drink alcohol without showing ill effects
  36. be pertinent or relevant or applicable
  37. arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance
  38. resist or confront with resistance
  39. keep from departing
  40. stop dealing with
  41. aim, point, or direct
  42. be in accord
  43. be in agreement
  44. have in one's hands
  45. possession; grasp
  46. believe
  47. continue
  48. endure
  49. support
  50. have a capacity for
  51. conduct meeting
  52. function

hold Sentences in English

  1. खाव  =  place
    The goods were loaded into the hold of the ship.

  2. रखना  =  army place
    The army held the capital despite severe losses

  3. हिरासत में रखना  =  court human
    The court held him in custody

  4. मानना  =  human consider human
    I hold him in high regard

  5. विचार रखना  =  human consider
    He holds very strong opinions on this matter

  6. फ़ैसला सुनाना
    The judge held that the defendant was innocent.

  7. प्रतिरक्षा करना  =  defend
    We have to hold fort until the troops arrive

  8. रखना  =  keep
    He holds his silence

  9. टिकना  =  last equipment
    I wonder how long our supplies will hold

  10. स्थायी होना  =  last weather
    If only this weather would hold until our picnic

  11. नियन्त्रित रखना  =  maintain
    The good relations with our collaborators must be held until the negotiations are over

  12. संभाले रखना  =  save thing
    We held on to the rare copies of the book

  13. रुकना  =  stay
    Hold on for a minute

  14. पकड़ना  =  thing thing
    The amp held the test-tube in place

  15. रच्ना  =  perform
    They will hold the festivities tomorrow

  16. याद रखना  =  memory fact
    I will hold that in mind

  17. ठहरना  =  position thing
    Hold it there!

  18. पकड़ना  =  state thing
    Hold that package upright

  19. संचालित करना  =  activity
    We hold dance classes in the afternoon

  20. मानना  =  belief
    He holds some peculiar beliefs

  21. धारण करना  =  degree
    He holds a degree in judo

  22. संयम में रखना  =  drink
    He holds his drink well

  23. पसन्द करना  =  feeling
    She held those memories dear

  24. पकड़ना  =  food
    This bowl will not hold enough

  25. हिरासत में रखना  =  human, place
    They held him in prison

  26. पकड़ना  =  human
    She held the baby carefully

  27. आयोजन करना  =  meeting
    We will hold a meeting with the press

  28. पकड़ना  =  money
    This new wallet holds a lot of money

  29. अभिनिर्धारण करना
    The court held that the defendant was at fault.

  30. पर रहना  =  responsibility
    He holds grave responsibilities for one so young

  31. रखना  =  standard
    That university holds very high standards

  32. पकड़ना  =  substance
    Thta bottle holds two litres of water

  33. पर होना  =  thing
    The tray held a variety of snacks

  34. खड़ा रहना
    The bridge held.

  35. जगह होना  =  be
    This hotel can hold 250 guests.

  36. आ सकना  =  be
    This hotel can hold 250 guests.

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