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unaffected Definitions and meaning in English

  1. undergoing no change when acted upon
  2. (followed by `to' or `by') unaware of or indifferent to
  3. free of artificiality
  4. sincere and genuine
  5. not touched emotionally
  6. honest
  7. unsophisticated
  8. unchanged
  9. unmoved

unaffected Sentences in English

  1. स्वाभाविक
    She had a warm smile and an unaffected manner. / he greeted me with unaffected warmth.

  2. अप्रभावित
    People's rights are unaffected by the new law. / his attitudes have remained largely unaffected by changes in fashion.

  3. निश्छल
    An unaffected grace

  4. अविचलित
    Always appeared completely unaffected and imperturbable

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