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  1. the sensation that results when taste buds in the tongue and throat convey information about the chemical composition of a soluble stimulus
  2. a strong liking
  3. delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values)
  4. a brief experience of something
  5. a small amount eaten or drunk
  6. the faculty of taste
  7. a kind of sensing
  8. distinguishing substances by means of thetaste buds
  1. have flavor
  2. taste of something
  3. take a sample of
  4. perceive by the sense of taste
  5. have a distinctive or characteristic taste
  6. distinguish flavors
  7. experience briefly

Taste Sentences in English

  1. मजा  =  enjoy
    have excellent taste in music.

  2. अनुभव  =  experience
    it was my first taste of life in a big city.

  3. स्वाद  =  feel
    just have a taste of this cheese!

  4. स्वाद  =  flavour
    sugar has a sweet taste.

  5. रुचि  =  interest
    That trip gave me a taste for foreign travel.

  6. पसन्द  =  liking
    Modern art is not to everyone's taste.

  7. स्वादेन्द्रिय  =  sense of organ
    (The sense by which a flavour is recognised)

  8. पीना  =  drink
    That's best wine I've ever tasted.

  9. अनुभव करना  =  experience
    taste freedom/failure.

  10. चखना  =  taste
    Can you taste the garlic in the stew

  11. स्वाद आना
    This tastes of nutmeg.

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