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  1. resistant to change of position or condition
  2. firm and dependable
  3. subject to little fluctuation
  4. not taking part readily in chemical change
  5. maintaining equilibrium
  6. showing little if any change
  1. a farm building for housing horses or other livestock
  1. shelter in a stable

Stable Sentences in English

  1. स्थायी  =  chemistry
    an element forming stable compounds.

  2. संतुलित  =  balanced
    Mentally, she's not very stable.

  3. स्थायी  =  firm
    a stable job.

  4. स्थिर  =  steady
    Prices should remain stable ofr some months.

  5. घुड़दौड़ के घोड़े
    There have been just three winners from his stable this season.

  6. अश्वसंस्था
    a riding / racing stables

  7. अस्तबल
    The horse was led back to its stable.

  8. घुड़साल
    The horse was led back to its stable.

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