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slush Definitions and meaning in English

  1. partially melted snow
  2. icy mess
  1. make a splashing sound
  2. spill or splash copiously or clumsily

slush Sentences in English

  1. गलती हुई बर्फ़
    White snow had turned to grey slush.

  2. सस्ती भावुकता
    Her novels are full of sentimental slush.

  3. पतला कीचड़
    They walked through the slush to reach home.

  4. स्लश  =  drink
    She declined to have anything except a slush.

  5. तेल डालना
    He slushed his bike thoroughly.

  6. गारा भरना
    The masons slushed the bricks.

  7. कीचड़ से लथपथ करना
    Children slushed the unsuspecting passer-by.

  8. कीचड़ में से जाना
    They slushed their way home at night.

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