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  1. possessing material wealth
  2. having an abundant supply of desirable qualities or substances (especially natural resources)
  3. of great worth or quality
  4. marked by great fruitfulness
  5. strong
  6. intense
  7. very productive
  8. high in mineral content
  9. having a a high proportion of fuel to air
  10. suggestive of or characterized by great expense
  11. marked by richness and fullness of flavor
  12. highly seasoned or containing large amounts of choice ingredients such as butter or sugar or eggs
  13. pleasantly full and mellow
  14. affording an abundant supply
  15. having a lot of money
  1. wealthy people or institutions

rich Sentences in English

  1. मूल्यवान  =  clothes
    Rich clothes.

  2. नयनरंजक  =  color
    Cloth dyed a rich purple

  3. गाढा  =  wine
    Strong and finally flavoured

  4. गहरा
    A rich red / rich purple

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