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  1. marked by the reception of pay
  2. involving gainful employment in something often done as a hobby
  3. yielding a fair profit
  4. rewarded

paid Sentences in English

  1. जमा करना  =  deposite
    Have you paid that money in the bank.j

  2. पैसा देना  =  give money
    Have you paid the milkman this week

  3. देना  =  give
    Pay rent.

  4. रुपया देना  =  pay
    They tried to leave the restaurent without paying.

  5. चुकाना  =  settle
    Are you paying in cash or by cheque

  6. भुगतान करना  =  settle
    Pay a bill.

  7. जमा करना  =  submit
    Membership fees should be paid to the club secretary.

  8. तनख्वाह देना  =  wage
    My firm pays well.

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