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  1. a noisemaker (as at parties or games) that makes a loud noise when you blow through it
  2. one of the bony outgrowths on the heads of certain ungulates
  3. a noise made by the driver of an automobile to give warning
  4. a high pommel of a Western saddle (usually metal covered with leather)
  5. a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone
  6. has a narrow tube and a flared bell and is played by means of valves
  7. any outgrowth from the head of an organism that resembles a horn
  8. the material (mostly keratin) that covers the horns of ungulates and forms hooves and claws and nails
  9. an alarm device that makes a loud warning sound
  10. a brass musical instrument consisting of a conical tube that is coiled into a spiral and played by means of valves Synonym: French horn 1
  11. a device on an automobile for making a warning noise
  1. stab or pierce with a horn or tusk

horn Sentences in English

  1. सींग  =  animal
    The cow had very long and sharp horns and was coming straight at me.

  2. भोंपू
    The horn in the car made a funny sound.

  3. भोंपू  =  noisemaker
    At the stroke of midnight, the children zestily blew the horns and bells.

  4. हॉर्न
    The horn in the car made a funny sound.

  5. भोंपू  =  musical instrument
    Blew the horn loudly

  6. सींग मारना  =  event
    The rhino horned the vehicle.

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