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  1. not solid
  2. having a space or gap or cavity
  3. deliberately deceptive
  4. as if echoing in a hollow space
  5. devoid of significance or point
  6. empty
  7. hollowed out
  8. deep
  9. resonant in sound
  10. meaningless
  11. false
  12. artificial
  1. a cavity or space in something
  2. a small valley between mountains
  3. a depression hollowed out of solid matter
  4. empty or dented area
  1. remove the inner part or the core of
  2. remove the interior of
  3. empty out; make concave

hollow Sentences in English

  1. धंसा हुआ  =  part of body sunken, appearance
    After his recent illness, his eyes look hollow

  2. निःसत्व  =  word
    Her words sounded hollow to my ears

  3. पूरी तरह  =  completely
    We beat them hollow

  4. शून्य  =  stunned
    I felt hollow at the sheer treachery of my colleagues

  5. खोखला करना  =  thing thing
    He hollowed out the pumpkin to make a lamp

  6. खोखला बन्ना  =  volitional thing cave
    The bear hollws out his cave to hibernate in during the winter months

  7. खोखला बन्ना  =  volitional thing place
    Turtles hollow the sand before laying their eggs

  8. खोखला बन्ना  =  volitional thing thing
    The woodpecker hollowed the tree trunk for his nest

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