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  1. highly offensive
  2. especially of a ship's lines etc
  3. disgusting
  4. dirty
  5. vulgar
  6. offensive
  7. corrupt
  8. dishonest
  1. an act that violates of the rules of a sport
  2. infraction
  1. hit a foul ball
  2. make impure
  3. become or cause to become obstructed
  4. commit a foul
  5. break the rules
  6. spot, stain, or pollute
  7. make unclean
  8. become soiled and dirty
  9. make or become dirty

foul Sentences in English

  1. तूफ़ानी
    A foul night

  2. बहुत खराब
    His boss has a foul temper.

  3. घृणित
    A foul murder

  4. अश्लील
    I'm sick of her foul language.

  5. नियमोल्लंघन  =  sports
    It was a clear foul by ford on the goalkeeper.

  6. गंदा करना
    Do not permit your dog to foul the grass.

  7. उलझाना
    The rope fouled the propeller.

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