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  1. an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down
  2. cover or provide with a coat
  3. form a coat over
  4. animal hair
  5. covering
  6. personal outerwear
  1. cover with layer of material

coat Sentences in English

  1. तह  =  coating
    Paint of a coat

  2. कोट का कपड़ा  =  coating
    Plaease bring me a coat from the market

  3. आवरण  =  coating
    Elcectric wire with a palstic coat

  4. बाल  =  hair
    The dog's coat was shinny and healthy-looking

  5. तह  =  layer
    Second coat of paint

  6. कोट का कपड़ा  =  cloth
    Plaease bring me a coat from the market

  7. आवरण  =  cover
    A coat of dust on the table

  8. झिल्ली  =  membrane
    A vibrating coat in the air to convey sounds to the brain

  9. ढक देना  =  dust place
    Dirt had coated the whole house

  10. ढक देना  =  dust thing
    Dust coated the furniture and everything smelled damp

  11. लगाना  =  thing paint
    He coated the paint into the house

  12. कोट पहनाना  =  human human
    He coated me

  13. लगाना  =  human, place paint
    He coated the paint on the wall

  14. ढका होना  =  thing
    Furniture had coated with dust

  15. पहनाना  =  human, event
    He coated me a shirt

  16. खराब करना  =  face
    Dirt had coated her face

  17. लथ-पथ होना  =  human
    The boy was coated with mud from head to foot

  18. क़लई करना  =  vessel
    He coated the copper vessels with fluid

  19. तह चढाना  =  wall, matter
    He coated the wall with paint

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