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  1. a small container
  2. a pill in the form of a small rounded gelatinous container with medicine inside
  3. a dry dehiscent seed vessel or the spore-containing structure of e.g. mosses
  4. a shortened version of a written work
  5. a structure that encloses a body part
  6. a spacecraft designed to transport people and support human life in outer space
  7. a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejectedin the case of an emergency
  8. then the pilot descends byparachute
  9. tablet
  10. usually medicine
  1. enclose in a capsule
  2. put in a short or concise form
  3. reduce in volume
  1. shortened form

capsule Sentences in English

  1. कैप्सूल
    The medicine can be taken in tablet or capsule form.

  2. संक्षेपण  =  summary
    Capsule of my book

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