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  1. something that hinders as if with bonds
  2. predicament
  1. stick to firmly
  2. create social or emotional ties
  3. make fast
  4. tie or secure, with or as if with a rope
  5. wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose
  6. secure with or as if with ropes
  7. bind by an obligation
  8. cause to be indebted
  9. form a chemical bond with
  10. provide with a binding
  11. fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord
  12. cause to be constipated
  13. fasten
  14. secure
  15. obligate; restrict

bind Sentences in English

  1. द्विधापरिस्थिति  =  situation
    Their refusel to sign the contract has put us in a bit of a bind

  2. गरमाना  =  clothes
    He wants a shirt that does not bind him.

  3. बाध्य करना  =  human human
    They bound him to remain silent.

  4. बाँधना  =  human thing
    They bound his hands behind him.

  5. बाध्य करना  =  promise
    My promise bound her to keep secret.

  6. जकड़ना  =  snow place
    The snow bound the soil.

  7. जमाना  =  thing
    This flower mixture is not wet enough to bind properly.

  8. पट्टी बाँधना  =  bandage
    The doctor bound the patient's leg.

  9. बाध्य करना  =  activity human
    He bound me to pay a debt.

  10. बाँधना  =  bundle thing
    He bound all the papers in to a bundle.

  11. बाँधना  =  thing human
    Bind the prisoner to a chair.

  12. लगाना  =  decorate
    Bind the cuffs of a jacket with leather.

  13. एक करना  =  unite
    He bound them by the ties of matrimony

  14. लगाना  =  band thing
    Bind the edges of rug with a band.

  15. भरना  =  cement thing
    Bind the cracks with the cement.

  16. बाँध लेना  =  love human
    Bind her with love

  17. जिल्द चढ़ाना  =  book
    Two volumes of manak dictionary was bound in leather.

  18. चिपकना
    Will this wallpaper bind to the wall

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