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  1. a young person (especially a young man or boy)
  2. young people collectively
  3. the time of life between childhood and maturity
  4. early maturity
  5. the state of being young or immature or inexperienced
  6. an early period of development
  7. the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person
  8. early period in life of animate being

youth Sentences in English

  1. तरुण  =  human
    Local leader met the family of the youth who was killed in police firing.

  2. जवान  =  human
    The fight was started by some youths who has been drinking.

  3. युवावस्था
    He spent his youth in delhi.

  4. किशोरावस्था  =  state
    He painted scenes from his youths.

  5. जवान  =  young
    Youth everywhere rises in revolt

  6. युवा
    Country's youth

  7. जवानी
    Her delightful youth and freshness

  8. ताज़गी
    An appealing youth of his voice

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