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  1. the coldest season of the year
  2. in the northern hemisphere it extends from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox
  3. cold season of the year
  1. spend the winter

winter Sentences in English

  1. कांच का  =  thing
    Winter garden

  2. शिशिर  =  thing
    Winter quarters

  3. सरदी का  =  weather
    Winter weather.

  4. ठंड़ा  =  state
    Winter winds

  5. शीतकालीन
    Winter olympics / winter blizzards

  6. शीत काल  =  period
    The worked on the building all through the winter.

  7. शीतऋतु  =  season
    Many trees ose their leaves in winter.

  8. वर्ष  =  year
    A man of sixty winters

  9. जाड़ा बिताना  =  event
    It became fashionable to winter in italy.

  10. चरना  =  graze
    The cows are wintering in the barn

  11. जाड़ा बिताना  =  spend winter
    It became fashionable to winter in italy.

  12. देख-भाल करना  =  animal
    The farmer are wintering the cows

  13. देखभाल करना  =  plant
    Wintering the plants

  14. जाड़ा बिताना  =  place
    We plan to winter in italy

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