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  1. the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention
  2. a fixed and persistent intent or purpose
  3. a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding thedisposal of their property when they die
  4. last wishes; command
  5. personal choice
  1. decree or ordain
  2. have in mind
  3. determine by choice
  4. leave or give by will after one's death
  5. give
  6. bequeath to another
  7. cause
  8. choose

will Sentences in English

  1. वसीयतनामा  =  testament
    Have you made your will

  2. इच्छा-शक्ति  =  will-power
    He has no will of his own.

  3. इच्छा
    Where there's a will there's a way. / this is the will of god.

  4. इच्छाशक्ति
    His strong will made everything possible.

  5. वसीयत करना  =  bequeath
    He willed most of his money to charity.

  6. चाहना  =  wish
    You're free to travel where you will in the country.

  7. आज्ञा देना
    God wills our existence.

  8. जान-बूझ कर करना
    This action was willed and intended.

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