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Wicked Definitions and meaning in English

  1. morally bad in principle or practice
  2. having committed unrighteous acts
  3. intensely or extremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality
  4. morally bad or wrong
  5. highly offensive
  6. arousing aversion or disgust

Wicked Sentences in English

  1. दुष्ट
    In the story, she has a wicked step-mother, who makes her life a misery.

  2. पापी
    a wicked person

  3. प्रचण्ड
    under wicked fire from the enemy's guns / a wicked cough

  4. शरारती
    a wicked prank

  5. घृणास्पद
    a wicked stench

  6. दुष्कर्मी
    a wicked person

  7. अपकर्मी
    a wicked person

  8. खल
    a wicked person

  9. अकर्मी
    a wicked person

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