when meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of when

when Definitions and meaning in English

  1. as soon as
  1. though

when Sentences in English

  1. कब  =  interrogative
    When can you come

  2. जब-जब  =  whenever
    There are times when i wonder why i do this job.

  3. यद्यपि  =  although
    She claimed to be 18, when i know she's only 16.

  4. क्योंकि  =  as
    I can not tell when you wont' listen.

  5. चूँकि  =  since
    How can they expect to learn anything when they never listen.

  6. तब  =  time
    I saw her last friday, since when i've phoned her twice.

  7. जब  =  while
    She was beautiful when she was a girl.

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