weigh down meaning in hindi

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weigh down Definitions and meaning in English

  1. depress

weigh down Sentences in English

  1. झुकना  =  bend
    The branches were weighed down with ripe apples.

  2. झुका देना  =  bend
    Ripe apples were weighed down the branches.

  3. उदास होना  =  depress
    Weigh down be worry and overwork.

  4. चिंताग्रस्त बना देना  =  make anxious
    The responsibilities of the job are weighing her down.

  5. दबा देना  =  press down
    The responsibilities of the job are weighed her down.

  6. बोझ होना
    I can't visit my parents when they need me - and it weighs down my conscience.

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