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  1. blend
  2. unite; contrive

weave Sentences in English

  1. बुनावट  =  style
    The delicate, airy weave of her fabrics.

  2. टेढा-मेढा जाना  =  way
    The road weaves through a range of hills.

  3. बुनना  =  interface
    Weave threads together.

  4. टेढे-मेढे चलना  =  move
    He is weaving through a crowd.

  5. करना  =  plan
    Weave plot/magic spell.

  6. एक ही सूट्र में ग्रथित करना  =  produce
    The lives of four different couples are woven into the narrative.

  7. गूँथना  =  twist
    She is weaving a garland .

  8. बुनाई करना  =  work
    The women earn their living by weaving.

  9. घूम जाना
    The road weaves around the lake.

  10. मुड़ जाना
    The road weaves around the lake.

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