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  1. sea surf
  2. current
  1. move back and forth; gesture

wave Sentences in English

  1. घूंघर  =  curved hair
    Her hair has natural waves.

  2. आवेश  =  feeling
    A wave of anger.

  3. दल  =  group
    Waves of tourists.

  4. संकेत  =  signal
    The entire show changed with a wave of hand.

  5. लहर  =  undulation
    Huge waves crashed onto the beach.

  6. इशारा  =  hand
    With a quick wave of his hand, he was gone.

  7. तरंग  =  physics
    Radio waves.

  8. घुंघराले होना  =  hair
    His hairs waves naturally.

  9. घुमाना  =  brandish
    The demonstrators were waving banners and playcards .

  10. घुंघराले बनाना  =  curl
    She has had her hair waved.

  11. करना  =  gesticulate
    She waved me goodbye.

  12. लहराना  =  flutter
    A flag waving in the breeze.

  13. हाथ से इशारा करना  =  indicate
    The policeman waved us on.

  14. हिलाना  =  move
    She waved her arms (in the air).

  15. इशारा करना  =  signal
    He waved when he saw us.

  16. लहराना  =  undulate
    A field of waving corn.

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