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  1. a state of extreme poverty
  2. the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable
  3. anything that is necessary but lacking
  4. a specific feeling of desire
  5. lack
  6. need
  7. desire
  1. feel or have a desire for
  2. want strongly
  3. have need of
  4. wish or demand the presence of
  5. hunt or look for
  6. want for a particular reason
  7. be without, lack
  8. be deficient in
  9. desire
  10. lack
  11. need

want Sentences in English

  1. माँग  =  demand
    Our wants are unlimited.

  2. आवश्यकता  =  necessity
    The hotel staff saw to all our wants.

  3. गरीबी  =  poverty
    Live in want.

  4. कमी  =  shortage
    A want of food and medical supplies.

  5. इच्छा
    Wants and demands of customers

  6. अभिलाषा
    Wants and demands of customers

  7. कामना
    Wants and demands of customers

  8. इच्छा करना  =  desire
    He still wants her and she him.

  9. आवश्यकता होना  =  lack
    She doesn't want courage.

  10. की आवश्यकता होना  =  need
    We'll want more furniture for the new office.

  11. आवश्यकता होना  =  require
    You are wanted immediately in the director's office.

  12. चाहना  =  wish
    She wants to go to italy.

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