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  1. a cry of sorrow and grief
  1. emit long loud cries
  2. cry weakly or softly
  3. cry loudly

wail Sentences in English

  1. आवाज  =  sound
    The wail of sirens.

  2. म्याऊँ-म्याऊँ करना  =  cat
    The cat was wailing to be let out of the room.

  3. आवाज करना  =  vehicle
    Ambulances raced by with sirens wailing.

  4. साँय-साँय करना  =  wind
    You can hear the wind wailing in the chimney.

  5. दुखड़ा रोना  =  complain
    There is no use wailing about/over past mistakes.

  6. ऊँची आवाज़ में रोना  =  cry
    The sick child was wailing miserably.

  7. विलाप करना
    Wail in self-pity

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