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  1. a choice that is made by voting
  2. the opinion of a group as determined by voting
  3. a legal right guaranteed by the 15th amendment to the US constitution
  4. a body of voters who have the same interests
  5. the total number of votes cast
  6. decision or right to decide representation
  1. express one's preference for a candidate or for a measure or resolution
  2. cast a vote
  3. express one's choice or preference by vote
  4. express a choice or opinion
  5. be guided by in voting
  6. bring into existence or make available by vote
  7. decide on representation

vote Sentences in English

  1. मत  =  ballot
    A majority vote

  2. सम्मिति  =  opinion
    Resolve the matter by a vote

  3. मताधिकार  =  right
    U.k. nationals get the vote at 18

  4. मतदान  =  suffrage
    The socialists got 35% of the vote

  5. कुल मतदान
    They are hoping for a large vote.

  6. वोट देना  =  human
    20 delegates voted against the motion

  7. वोट देकर चुनना  =  action, ballot
    Select a secretary by vote for our trust

  8. प्रस्ताव करना  =  adpcate
    To vote that the report be accepted

  9. वोट देकर चुना जाना  =  elect
    I was voted chairman

  10. वित्त स्वीकृत करना  =  grant
    The hospital was voted 10 lakhs for research

  11. राय देना  =  suggest
    I vote that we stay here

  12. निर्वाचित करना  =  candidate
    For whome will you vote for president

  13. घोषित करना  =  thing
    The show was voted a success

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