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  1. without payment
  1. (military) a person who freely enlists for service
  2. a person who performs voluntary work
  1. tell voluntarily
  2. agree freely
  3. do volunteer work
  4. offer to do something

volunteer Sentences in English

  1. अवैतनिक
    A volunteer fire department

  2. स्वयं सेवक  =  human
    Few volunteers came forward.

  3. वालंटियर  =  military conscript
    Volunteer forces

  4. अपने आप कहना  =  say
    `Tim's busy, but i'll come.' he volunteered.

  5. कहना  =  say
    My wife volunteered me for a washing-up.

  6. अपने आप देना  =  suggest
    He volunteered advice/information to me.

  7. अपने आप भर्ती होना  =  military, join
    Volunteer for military services.

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