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  1. a vivid mental image
  2. the ability to see
  3. a religious or mystical experience of a supernatural appearance
  4. ability to perceive with eyes
  5. mental image
  6. concept
  7. apparition
  8. very beautiful thing or person

vision Sentences in English

  1. दृष्टि  =  aspect
    A political/economic vision.

  2. स्वप्न  =  dream
    Jesus came to paul in a vision.

  3. दूरदर्शिता  =  foresight
    Be rather lacking in vision.

  4. झलक  =  glimpse
    She was a vision of loveliness.

  5. झलक  =  picture
    We apolized for the loss of vision in certain areas.

  6. दृष्टि  =  sight
    Have a good vision.

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