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  1. reverse the winding or twisting of
  2. separate the tangles of
  3. become less tense, rest, or take one's ease
  4. cause to feel relaxed
  5. undo
  6. untangle

unwind Sentences in English

  1. खुलना  =  become undone
    The rope began to unwind and the boat drifted away.

  2. शांत होना  =  relax
    Music helps me to unwind after a hard day's work./after a few drinks, he began to unwind and talk more openly.

  3. खोलना  =  undo
    Unwind a ball of wool/a reel of thread/a roll of bandage./he unwound the scarf from his neck.

  4. तनाव कम करना
    Listening to music helps me unwind after a busy day.

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