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unsound Definitions and meaning in English

  1. not in good condition
  2. damaged or decayed
  3. not sound financially
  4. containing or based on a fallacy
  5. suffering from severe mental illness
  6. physically unsound or diseased
  7. of e.g. advice
  8. in deplorable condition
  9. not well; flimsy

unsound Sentences in English

  1. खस्ता-हाल
    An unsound foundation

  2. गलत  =  wrong
    The methods used were unsound.

  3. अस्वीकार्य
    Politically / ideologically unsound

  4. खराब
    An unsound limb

  5. विक्षिप्त
    Of unsound mind

  6. गलत
    An unsound argument

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