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unqualified Definitions and meaning in English

  1. not limited or restricted
  2. not meeting the proper standards and requirements and training
  3. having no right or entitlement
  4. lacking specific legal qualifications
  5. lacking the necessary skill or knowledge etc.
  6. not prepared
  7. incompetent

unqualified Sentences in English

  1. अक्षम  =  incapable
    Unqualified instructors/staff.

  2. अयोग्य  =  incompetent
    An unqualified opinion./i feel unqualified to speak on the subject.

  3. पूर्ण  =  unlimited
    Deserve unqualified praise/an unqualified success/give sth one's unqualified approval.

  4. अनधिकृत
    The unqualified distinction between mere opinion and knowledge

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