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unfathomable Definitions and meaning in English

  1. of depth
  2. not capable of being sounded or measured
  3. so deep as to be unmeasurable
  4. impossible to come to understand
  5. bottomless
  6. hard to believe; difficult to understand

unfathomable Sentences in English

  1. अज्ञेय  =  thing
    The different theories about the unfathomable expression on mona lisa's face

  2. गहन
    An unfathomable mystery

  3. अथाह  =  thing)
    The abyssal depths of the ocean

  4. अथाह  =  thing
    The unfathomable depths of human relationships

  5. अथाह  =  thing
    The unfathomable depths of the ocean

  6. वितलीय  =  thing
    The unfathomable depths of the ocean

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